Dosso Beauty

Dosso Beauty is an e-commerce organic beauty supplier, retailer, wholesaler and private labeler. We provide access to scalp friendly Pre-Stretched Hypoallergenic Braiding Hair that alleviates scalp irritation, avoid cancerous chemicals and provides comfortable hair styles unlike our competitors. Due to the fact that people around the world style their hair in braids for the culture, protective styling, as an artform and so much more, we have had the pleasure of servicing customers throughout the United States, Canada, Andorra, Belize, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Japan. Our Average Order Value currently resides at $44.86, with a total of ~550 Sales in 2021 (E-commerce). In addition to our direct e-commerce sales, we recently acquired retail placement on and which has helped to increase our revenue projections to yield a gross revenue of ~$214,000 in 2021.

Our team is currently comprised of all persons who identify as Black Women and most of which are HBCU graduates. The key roles on our team are; CEO/Founder (Kadidja Dosso), Executive Assistance (Oshae Moore), Andrea Fernandes (Publicist), Social Media Manager (Kyra Wiggins) and Graphic Designer (Olyvia Fabre). Our unique experiences and backgrounds has helped us to build a strong team that supports one another and provide various perspectives from various lenses of a Black Woman’s experience as we are our target consumer.

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