BLACK AMBITION is a set of Prizes to fund bold ideas and companies led by Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.
“With Black Ambition, the goal is to help strengthen the pipeline of talented entrepreneurs…
Pharrell Williams
…and close the opportunity and wealth gaps derived from limited access to capital and resources.”
Founder of Black Ambition
Prize Winners
Black Ambition Prize
Pound Cake is a Black and Latinx-owned cosmetics company revolutionizing the way color is made for darker skin. With our proprietary Tone VariantTechnology™, we launched the first-ever line of red lipsticks for different lip tones.
HBCU Prize
THE MOVE is an app for college students that lets them see all of the events happening around their school. It also has special features that help students stay safe when going out and to help them network with their peers.
Our Manifesto
BLACK AMBITION is a set of Prizes to fund bold ideas and companies led by Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.
BLACK AMBITION is reducing barriers to capital and bridging the wealth gap through entrepreneurship.
BLACK AMBITION provides applicants with resources and access to a network of business leaders.
BLACK AMBITION joins the wave of efforts to open opportunity for Black and Latinx founders.
BLACK AMBITION, these are united stakes.
Among founders of VC-backed companies, only 3% are Black or Latinx.
Black and Latinx people make up ~30% of the U.S. population, but only ~20% of its entrepreneurs.
If Black and Latinx people were supported to succeed as entrepreneurs at the same rate as white people, the United States could add 1.1M new businesses and 9M new jobs to the economy.
“With Black Ambition, the goal is to help strengthen…
Pharrell Williams is continuing his dive into philanthropy…
Pharrell Williams has announced Black Ambition,…
“We need a voice. We have the smallest slice of the…
The organization offers mentorship, pitch feedback…
Over the course of his three decades in the music…
Producer and rapper Pharrell Williams is coupling…
Pharrell does it all, including offering much-needed…

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